Prototype 77 And Social Link. What One Piece We Want To Add To The Internet?

Prototype 77 And Social Link. What One Piece We Want To Add To The Internet?

In science fiction, there is a concept of "one change". A good science fiction novel should build the world around one change. Not two, not three, but one. We present to you our “one change” that is going to change the Internet.

How the Internet 1.0 was built
These were links where the text on the page linked to another page. Exactly so “text on the page.

Internet 2.0 is a user-created Internet. Web 2.0 is user-generated content, user-generated content. During Internet 2.0, the RSS technology flourished, which made it possible to transfer information from site to site. But it did not take root.

Internet 3.0 is a social network where user-generated data is hidden in the private data of a social network, in fact, users do not control their data. At the same time, the networks first opened part of the data through the API, but then they got scared of this opportunity and closed it.

Internet 4.0 is a blockchain, you build everything into chains and sign it. At the same time, it is still a kind of encapsulation.

What is Internet 5.0 - these are social links. The one who created the correct link is right. And the links have some kind of public accessibility. This Internet (which will be combined with Internet 4.0 we are building)

So back to Internet 1.0

Here is the page and link - it looks like this:

Here is the page and link - it looks like this:

In addition to the usual link, we introduce the Social

Social link is simple
a) Has an author
b) Has a rating

At the same time, social links can be both private and open. It all depends on the settings of the sites that these links will use. If social links are open, then indexing systems (such as the new Google) can better search for information.

Social Link - Based on Trust Centers

This raises the question of trusting these links. On Internet 3.0, trust is every person (or rather his record) in a social network. The social network monitors (how it can do it) that this is an ordinary, real person. In our system, people are tied to the Islands (separate sites with their own rules), so the question arises about trust in each person and this is decided by the centers of trust. In fact, Trust Centers say which of the login issuing networks - they trust and make all links from these servers “valid”.

Craft social networks are built on the Social link

And here's how. Essentially, the entire organizational structure is about links between objects. And any composite object can be composed of simple ones if its shape is designed correctly. Thus, microprocessors are composed of transistors. In fact, a transistor is a universal information unit. So we invented this transistor. But it is very simple, so you will have no problem understanding it.

What is social media? These are several data streams in which objects can be included. The figure shows a social network and two streams that are included in it. And already in these streams, we put objects of the standard type, the so-called "Internet transistors".


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