Craft. Philosophical basis. Article 2.

Streams and Inclusions

Information in each of the Craft Networks is in streams. It is included in these streams by network users.

In streams, information is sorted. Sorting proceeds according to the time of the Spark.

Information enters streams through Inclusions in Streams. The initiator of inclusion in the stream can be either the author or any other user of the network. Information can be included in the stream several times with different connections (text) and with different initiators of inclusion. Although, the initiator of each of these inclusions may be the author.

Moderation: Moderators of the network (there is such a role) can remove unnecessary inclusion of information in the stream.


Flames is an element of investing in information. You invest flame, and then the fire comes back to you. In fact, you can invest both with a minus (you have less fire) and with a plus (you have more flames). In article 3 of the philosophical basis, there will be a little more about how flame is structured, which is invested in information. This is the so-called Flames Tree.

Flames - makes it all a game of investing in information. By adding flame to the “object of information flow” you add visibility information and contribute. The more you invest fire in information, the more opportunities you have to create a “spark” that will lift the information up.

You can invest more than 1 flames. Depending on the investment time, the fire will take its place on the Flames Tree.

The Flames tree will be discussed in more detail in the third article.


A spark is a randomly selected event, which, based on the active Flame (and fire has its own period of action), creates the Spark event. The fire is highlighted and the object in which the flames was invested is highlighted. This object (information) is ranked first in the rating of information. In fact, every time Spark finds information that is not in the first place and translates it (instantly) into the first place. In essence, a spark is luck for information, as information becomes the center of attention.

It remains to explain how those who have invested in information are rewarded, and that is the question of the next chapter.